Apple's Personal Cloud

And speaking of the personal cloud, at this week's Apple's WWDC Steve Jobs introduced iCloud — effectively removing your PC from being the center of your content and putting everything in the cloud. Make a change in your calendar on your iPhone. The change automatically gets pushed up to the cloud and then downloaded to the appropriate devices (he even demoed a shared calendar where everyone gets synched from the cloud). At the core is a completely re-written version of Mobile Me with three main apps — Mail, Contacts and Calendar. What's more, the pricing goes from an annual $99 service fee to FREE. With Apple's backing, the personal cloud may become a reality much faster than the other three cloud types. Apple defines the consumer side and Citrix (and maybe others later on?) define the interconnection between the personal cloud and IT. Data now moves into the personal cloud where it can be synched, the PC becomes just another device with which to synch and automagically it all works.

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