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You want to stay one step ahead of the other guy. When someone asks you what's new, you can't say "The Cloud" anymore — that's the old new. The new new is Big Data. It's a perfect answer to the "what's new" question because most likely the person who asked you the "what's new" question doesn't want to show that he has no idea what you're talking about and he'll think you're a genius. — especially if you're coming from a world where data was mostly small. The 2011 prize for out buzz wording the other guy should go to EMC whose user conference was subtitled "Cloud meets Big Data" which made for interesting theme logo designs but not much in the way of content on this particular intersection. We work in an industry that loves its buzzwords so thank goodness we've got a new one. Jumping right onto the Big Data bandwagon we've assembled our initial list of venture backed startups addressing Big Data infrastructure. It's interesting that this category is already up to the $100 Million investment level with Cloudera topping the list with almost one third of the total. If you think we've missed your favorite Big Data startup send us a note:

 Our List of Interesting Big Data Infrastructure Startups











YCombinator, True Ventures, lowercase, Freestyle

San Francisco, CA



Greylock, Meritech Capital, Accel

Palo Alto, CA



Lightspeed, Sequoia, Rackspace

Burlingame, CA



Kleiner Perkins, Redpoint

San Mateo, CA




Chicago, IL



Hummer, Winblad, USVP

Campbell, CA




Santa Clara, CA

MapR Technologies


Lightspeed, NEA

San Jose, CA




Orlando, FL



Antham, Avalon

La Jolla, CA

Total Investment




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