If you have to train someone to use it, don't build it

We probably need to create a category of "Templeton-isums" to keep a list of some of Citrix's Mark Templeton's sayings. What Yogi Berra's Yogi-isums ("Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded") were to baseball Templeton-isums are to IT. The latest that came from his Synergy 11 keynote were "don't fight it, feature it" referring to IT's reluctance to unleash iPhones and iPads onto the corporate network. And "Never do an IT project that requires training" — great advice. Over the last few years while you think we've made progress the truth is that the Internet has turned us into telephone operators, travel agents, bank tellers etc. There's no way that you can train all the users to know how to use these apps — they have to be well designed. It's the simplicity of these "isums" makes them memorable.

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