EU Turkey summit: high stakes and unpleasant choices

This whole discussion is disturbing on too many levels. Some clarifications and reminders necessary for being absent. - The EU imposition of visa on Turkish citizens, and limitation thus of their free travel has already been found unlawful (by courts in Europe/ Germany ) due to Turkey's signatory status at the Treaty of Rome many years ago. The current policy is a bluff and was unsustainable. But politicians on both side are playing a game to prepare their electorate and look useful! - The Turkish Islamic mouvement initially has received its biggest financial support from funds collected in Germany by organisation then declared illegal by Turkish police, and its biggest strategic advantage by the EU snub to Turkey. Leaving Turkish secular parties all dressed-up with nowhere to go. France and Germany turned a blind eye to the islamic racketeering on their soil to enhance cultural divisions. - Humanitarian aid responsibility should not be something that is exchanged in a second hand grey market and delegated to others for financial gain. Will we send somebody to represent us at our parents for Christmas because its more convenient and cheaper. In view of all the above; This is an indecent proposal, the EU should not offer and Turkey should not accept. There is a saying that goes something like, "If you cannot hold my hand and look me in the eyes, why do you want to dance with me?"

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